Global monitoring system for antibiotic resistance (INNOVAATIOPALKINTO)

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Global monitoring system for antibiotic resistance (INNOVAATIOPALKINTO)
What is the solution?

Resistomap has envisaged how antibiotic resistance should be monitored utilising a combination of molecular biology and a data science interface. This entails an intuitive user interface that allows customers to quickly decipher the levels of their antibiotic resistance data in reference to global database of antibiotic resistance.
A perfect analogy is a map with topography: how high is the region from sea level. Equally, antibiotic resistance is more pronounced in certain geographical areas and environmental hotspots. We are gathering the “topographic” data from antibiotic resistance in various geographical locations from various sample types. As is with the world map that has changed due to volcanic and tectonic activity as well as now with rising sea levels, similarly, the changes occurring in antibiotic resistance allow us to monitor important changes and predict the future behaviour of spread. Taken together this data will allow new monetization strategies aimed for stakeholders like research institutes and governments who, with policy changes, are trying to mitigate the antibiotic resistance problem.

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