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Does your digitalization idea generate genuine value? See what Digiarvoa 2019 competition is all about. 


We all know digitalization brings enormous possibilities. We all also know that sometimes the term itself is surrounded by empty buzzwords and all talk and no action -kind of approach.  

Companies, organizations and governments all around the world ponder what is their next step in their digitalization journey – and whether it is worth taking? We believe that those, who can utilize the possibilities of digitalization the best will thrive. 

In order to speed the creation of new ideas and secure the future of Finland’s digitalization, Digia has launched Digiarvoa 2019 competition supporting the winning idea, concept or project with a prize of EUR 100,000.  

What are we looking for? 

In the competition we are seeking an idea, concept or project that will generate genuine value and help build Finland’s digital future 

We are seeking ideas especially around three themes: platforms and ecosystems, valuable data, and invigorating customer experience. We challenge you to think creatively: What kind of platform or ecosystem service awaits to be invented? What kind of new value could be found in masses of data? What kind of digital service is still missing that would ease everyday life?  

The selection criteria are: 

  • How the proposed idea, concept or project will promote Finland’s competitiveness and/or social development and wellbeing via digital means 
  • What kind of value the proposed idea will produce and how 
  • The novelty and innovativeness of the idea 
  • The idea’s feasibility 

How can I participate? 

The competition is open to a private person aged 18 or over, or a team, company, or association formed by private persons.  

You can enter the competition until 8 August 2019 (23:59) via the competition site. The idea should be your own idea and related to the competition’s topic. Entries may be made in Finnish or English. Entrants will retain ownership of all the ideas that they enter into the competition.  

How is the winner selected? 

The jury will choose four (4) finalists from all of the entries. The selected finalists will be informed by email by 16 August 2019.  The finalists will present their idea to the jury at a pitching event on 30 August 2019. During the period 26–29 August, the finalists will be able to spar with Digia’s experts, who will give feedback on the entries and help the finalists to formulate their pitch to the jury. 

Members of the jury are Mika Anttonen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of St1, Leena Niemistö, professional board member, Santtu Elsinen, CDO of Alma Media and board member of Digia, and Digia’s CEO Timo Levoranta and CTO Juhana Juppo.  

The winner will be announced on 24 September 2019 on the Digiarvoa 2019 competition website, in Digia’s channels, and at Kauppalehti’s Optio Gala. The winner will be personally informed by 6 September 2019 at the latest. 

What is the prize? 

Digia will support the winning idea, concept or project to the sum of EUR 100,000. The first prize is EUR 100,000 worth of work carried out by Digia, such as service design, software design and development, or project management to promote the development of the idea or to facilitate the project. The prize can also be redeemed in other ways than work, for example, as an investment in the company that owns the idea or project.  The prize cannot be transferred to another organization and cannot be exchanged for money.

Where can I find more information? 

You can find the rules and entry form on the competition website >>

You’ll also find us on our Arctic15 booth 26-27. Feel free to stop by and ask us more about the competition! 

What if my idea isn’t successful?  

Well, you can always check our open positions or send us an open application:

digitalisaatio   in english

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