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    Jani Hurskainen | Senior Integration Developer

    Advent of Code 2020 and Ballerina

    Have you heard about Advent of Code or tried the cloud-native programming language Ballerina? In his blog, Digia's Senior Integration Developer Jani Hurskainen looks at programming puzzles, and yet another emerging programming language and ponders how they fit together. 

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    Digia Oyj

    “One of the biggest competitive advantages a company can have” – huge business opportunities in Responsible Data

    Would you get involved with a business that does not use data responsibly? Few would – and more and more customers and partners are beginning to ask for tangible proof to put their minds at ease on this front. Trust is becoming one of the biggest competitive advantages a business can have, and it also opens up completely new business opportunities for Finnish companies.

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    Jani Hurskainen | Senior Integration Developer

    Dear Digia Agile Community – should I be worried?

    In some rare occasions we might be left with a feeling that there is nothing left to be improved. Integration Developer Jani Hurskainen approached Digia Agile Community with a question: should I be worried?

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    Lien Nguyen | Data Scientist

    Safer driving with AI – algorithm classifies road conditions in real time

    Predicting conditions is the key for safer driving. So what if you could check the road conditions in real time before hopping into your car? Digia's experts built a machine learning algorithm to classify road conditions using open data from road weather cameras. Learn more about the experiment!

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    Viktor Candolin | Integration Architect

    Integrators tips for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

    Best practices are usually created through trial and error. Digia's integration architect Viktor Candolin shares his learnings from working with Microsoft Dynamics CE and its OData API.

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    Ville Laukkonen | Senior Developer

    How to integrate Episerver to HubSpot – blog page and landing page integration

    Sometimes one CMS isn't enough to cover everything that needs to be done. In these cases it is also crucial to get information flowing between systems. In this blog post Digia's senior developer Ville Laukkonen provides a solution for a specific integration implementation between Hubspot and Episerver.

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    Jani Hurskainen | Senior Integration Developer

    Best practices for Oracle Service Bus 12c

    Are you familiar with the Oracle Service Bus 12c best practices? In his blog, Digia's expert Jani Hurskainen shares his learnings about topics such as virtualized development environment and custom XPath functions.

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    Jussi Ranta | Senior Software Specialist

    Software Developer’s Take on Unit Testing in Agile Software Development

    Unit testing has many benefits in agile software development during the whole life cycle of an application. Learn what makes a unit test successful and how it saves your effort in software development.

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    Vesa Hack l Johtava konsultti

    Ten Commandments for Leading Change

    Change leadership is an extremely important topic for every organization that wishes to survive. Our consultant Vesa Hack introduces his 10 commandments for leading change.

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    Jussi Seilola | Chief Architect, Social Welfare and Healthcare

    The UNA Ydin integration and information management solution aims to solve the challenges of information sharing in the social welfare and health care sector

    UNA Ydin (Core) is a part of the UNA development work, the objective of which is a comprehensive system reform in the social welfare and health care sector. Jussi Seilola, Digia’s Chief Architect in social welfare and health care services, shares in our blog information on the implementation of the UNA Ydin integration and information management solution.

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